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Not all employees need constant monitoring. However, most of them do. Having a structured monitoring system is beneficial to the company but might cost a lot too. For this reason, eTrax will help to reduce your headache by monitoring your staff who spends more than 30-40% of their time working with a computer. eTrax provides you with reports on your staff computer activities - daily and monthly.

Without any proof, you will not be able to track and prove that your employees are wasting time . Therefore, even when you know that your employees are doing unproductive activities such as chatting during work time, it is hard to confront the employees due to lack of proof. However, by using eTrax, we will help you eliminate this problem by tracking your employees computer activities and also record the duration of time spent on each activity. 

eTrax becomes your eyes and also works as a measure to stop employees who abuse companies' benefits from wasting their time and your money. eTrax keep all the details you need such as websites logging, applications used, services log and more! eTrax also allows you to access all the reports anytime, anywhere you are.  

How it works

eTrax is an online staff monitoring system which comes with an agent that needs to be installed within the computers to be tracked. These agents will report back to your eTrax Online Account - which will be shown in the forms of graphs, charts and reports.

From your eTrax Online Account, which is accessible anywhere in the world as long as there's internet connectivity, you will be able to view the graphs, charts and reports regarding your company's productivity. You will also be able to view Top 10 Performers, Top 10 Abusers and also calculate total losses due to productivity loss.

eTrax only tracks the active applications that the users use and also the websites that they currently surf - making it different from any network monitoring system which tracks almost every data that travels via the network. eTrax DO NOT track or capture any on-screen data, thus, you do not need to worry regarding the security of your data.

eTrax can track any active applications when they are active - even as little as one second! Try eTrax for yourself today and we are sure that you'll love it! Click here to register today.

  • Able to link PCs to staff profile - enable you to view reports easily!
  • Track active applications such as Microsoft Office, games and more!
  • Track active websites surfing using any type of Internet browser
  • Track the start time for each active applications
  • Track the time duration for each active applications
  • Produce graphs and charts for easy viewing of data
  • Able to produce daily and monthly reports
  • Able to calculate total losses in dollars and cents from productivity loss
  • Able to calculate and show top 10 Performers in the company
  • Able to calculate and show top 10 Abusers in the company

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