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Do you know that you lose a lot of money when your staff spends doing something else at work? Stop it today. Track your staff internet usage today. eTrax is the best and the most affordable way to monitor your staff internet usage - saving you headache, time and money.

Upon installing eTrax, you will be able to track your staff internet usage such as chatting, playing facebook, playing games etc. You can even view back the screen of your staff if you need to.

In most cases, you will reap immediate increase in productivity after you install eTrax because now your staff know that their being tracked.

Features and Advantages

eTrax Features
 Staff Summary (overall)   Daily Productivity Trend
Staff Summary Data In Internet Server/Cloud
 Are your company productive according to your expectation?
How much productivity loss?
 I can see daily trend of my staff activities
 Staff Productivity  Daily Trend of Low Productivity Staff
Configurable Office Hour Idle Time Monitoring
 How Many of my staff very unproductive? Unproductive Staff Daily Trend
Productivity Loss Alarm Top 10 Staff Productivity Trend Alert
What are the losses List My Top 10 Unproductive Staff Is my trend going up or down?
Unique Features

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eTrax is a combination of an agent and web based application. The agent module is installed on employees' computers, while the web module is installed on the web server. eTrax is licensed for each agent. So, you will need one license per each computer you want to be monitored. Web Server application is not licensed.
 eTrax pricing USD 60/computer/year
or MYR 191/computer/year
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