Staff Wasting Time?

"1hr 15mins loss from non-work related internet surfing in USA"        (

Same problem?

"3 hours per day loss from non-work related internet surfing" (Jordan Government)

Increase Productivity

" said workforce spent over an hour per day on social media while at work" (

The Fact

Employees Wasting Time is just like having "unemployed" people on our payroll? American Online (AOL) and found that the average American worker wastes 2 hours and 5 minutes a day,which cumulatively adds up to $759 bilion a year in lost productivity.Not suprisingly, the top time waster was Web surfing

eTrax Features and Benefits

eTrax is an online staff monitoring system which is able to track your employees' daily computer activities. Most CEOs and managers are currently having a headache that their employees wasted a lot of time in the office on surfing, social network, chatting, games and sometimes pornography.On average they spend between 1-2 hours a day on these non productive activities. Have no more headache. eTrax staff monitoring system is designed to help you solve this daily problem. Most CEOs that used eTrax agreed that they have significant benefits from using eTrax staff monitoring system. Take advantage of our FREE 30 days offer to experience the fantastic benefit to your company.

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Worried about having to install new hardware? Don't worry as eTrax online staff monitoring system is offered as a downloadable software with easy installation. You can even install it now!

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Need help with using eTrax? We have online Live Chat Support and also Ticket System, where you can reach us from anywhere you are.

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You will be able to monitor the internet usage right from your own online account.

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Save your time from headaches of going through reports by just looking at our simple and engaging dashboard - containing all the items you need.

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We have also included pages where you can suggest more functions to be added in eTrax online staff monitoring system. Grow with eTrax!

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