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eTrax is an online staff monitoring system which is able to track your employees' daily computer activities.

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How it Works

eTrax only tracks the active applications that the users use and also the websites that they currently surf - making it different from any network monitoring system which tracks almost every data that travels via the network. eTrax DO NOT track or capture any on-screen data, thus, you do not need to worry regarding the security of your data. eTrax can track any active applications when they are active - even as little as one second.




-Able to link staff PC`s profile.

-Enable user to view report easily.

-Produce graphs and charts for easy viewing of data.



-Track active applicaions such as Microsoft Office.

-Track active websites surfing using any type of browser.

-Track the start time for each active applications.

-Track time duration for each active applications.



-Able to produce daily and monthly reports.

-Able to calculate total money from productivity loss.

-Able to calculate and show top 10 Performers.

-Able to calculate and show top 10 Abusers.



With eTrax you are able to :

Staff Summary

-Able to see daily trend of staff activities.

Staff Productivity

You can review the top productivity and unproductivity staff.


eTrax is a combination of an agent and web based application.


eTrax is licensed for each agent. So, you will need one license per each computer you want to be monitored. Web Server application is not licensed.

eTrax Pricing

USD 60 or MYR 191 computer per year


Free for the first 30 days

We are offering eTrax FREE 30-day trial (sign up for free trial) which comes with all the features and benefits above. Grab it now!

Online Account Access

You will receive your own account when signing up for eTrax staff monitoring system, enables you to monitor your employee from anywhere you are.

No Additional Hardware

Don't worry as eTrax online staff monitoring system is offered as a downloadable software with easy installation. You can even install it now!


Online Support

Need help with using eTrax? We have online Live Chat Support and also Ticket System. We have also included pages where you can suggest more functions to be added in eTrax online staff monitoring system.

Peace of Mind

You will be able to monitor the internet usage right from your own online account.

About Us


Authentic Venture Sdn Bhd is a company specializing in Asset Management. We deliver state-of-the-art Asset Management system which include IT Asset Management, Enterprise Asset Management and Computerized Maintenance Management System, allowing companies and organizations to enhance productivity and increase efficiency in managing the company's assets.

Our other products include Finegic and OfficeCentral.